28 04, 2015

Turtle babies were born and back to the sea ! 海龟蛋孵化了和海龟宝宝回到海里!

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26 Apr 2015,  one of the turtle nests hatched at 5:15pm. This is the nest collected by our turtle staff : Palson on 23 Feb. 2015年4月26日, 其中一个海龟蛋在下午5:15孵化。 这些海龟蛋是我们的海龟保护人员,Palson在2月23日拾取的。 10 of the green turtle babies were back to the sea supported by by our house guests from China, France and Malaysia. Some more baby [...]

26 04, 2015

Timba- Timba Island Fun Snorkeling Trip / Timba- Timba岛浮潜乐趣之旅

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                It was an excellent weather to have a snorkeling trip with our guests from West Malaysia and New Jersey. It took around 15 minutes to Timba- Timba Island by speedboat from Pom Pom Island. 今天的好天气很适当Timba- Timba 岛浮潜之旅。我们乘坐了大概15分钟的快艇到 Timba- Timba 岛。         After Rayner the [...]

25 04, 2015

Have a refresh ! Let’s go for an easy trekking & snorkeling

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set to go                 beautiful ! After some Sweating and climbing we got rewarded with some great Views over the Surrounding Mountains and Bay all the way to Semporna. And we also caught a glimpse of the Area we would be Snorkeling after reaching [...]

6 04, 2015

Enjoyable trip to Boheydulong Island

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The Malaysian group of Mr Yap x 7 pax enjoyed trekking at Boheydulong Islad. We arranged the special tour for them to visit two islands which are Boheydulong Island and Mantabuan Isalnd. At Boheydulong Island, you can enjoy a snorkeling at housereef, easy trekking to the peak of hill to view the panorama of celebes sea . Mantabuan Island is [...]

16 03, 2015

Tun Sankaran National Park 敦沙卡兰国家公园

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The beauty of the nature became completed by this awesome combination of forest and the sea. All this can be found is the recently viral, model of the nature, Boheydulang Island. The climb towards the top takes half an hour, with the height of 600m high. It’s a simple hike that even children may be [...]

15 03, 2015

Let’s sail together! 我们扬帆而去!

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Bright sunny day! What do we do about it? The beach, the island, the coconut tree…… There is definitely another choice. Let’s sail together! This days of Chinese New years we are thrived to have groups and groups of guests came along with us on a cruise with Pom-pom Liveaboard. It is another choice of [...]

14 03, 2015

Mantabuan 万达湾岛

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Situated about 15min boat ride to the north east from Pom-pom Island, there is a beautiful and untouched island, Mantabuan. It was well protected by Sabah Marine Park Department, hence any visitor into this area is required to apply permit for entrance. Normally, unlike Sipadan in which the permit is very difficult to acquire, Mantabuan [...]

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