19 02, 2012

Involvement in Coral Planting Project in Sibuan Island organized by Sabah Parks

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On the 15th-16th February 2012, Pom Pom Island Resort was involved in the Coral Planting Project in Sibuan Island organized by Sabah Parks the Marine Park of the state. The objective of the project is to restore the coral reef area that has been destroyed decades ago. With our involvement in the project, indirectly we [...]

18 02, 2012

Research Diving at the housereef

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Fefe's Diary Ron and I went for a research-diving at our housereef. It was a beautiful day with clear water and calm flat sea, and the visibility was amazing, it was about 25-30meters. We spent 1hour and 30minutes for this diving, Ron showed me a lot of things such as :yellow Leaf Fish, Crocodile Fish, Bat Fish, [...]

14 02, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

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   Happy Valentine's Day from Pom Pom Resort ! Chef Mitri served a special dessert at the dinner on 14.Feb, all guest enjoyed the romantic dinner.

8 02, 2012

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  Lately,we can find many sunny days here in Pom Pom.  The large lagoon in front of Restaurant is like a nature swimming pool, also you can find sea turtles easily which are swimming around. 最近、ポンポンでは良いお天気の日が続いています。レストラン前の広大なラグーンはまるで天然のスイミングプール。海亀の遊泳シーンもよく見られます。 Friendly & Cheerful ladies from Italy check in today, Fefe & Ele welcomed them at the Jetty, I believe [...]

29 01, 2012

Diving with FEFE !

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   Our Dive Instructor FEFE was very busy in this week for Discovery Scuba Diving Course with many student ! All guest was happy for their first diving experience with fefe. ダイブインストラクターのフェフェ、今週はたくさんの生徒達と体験ダイビングで大忙し!ゲストの皆さんもフェフェとのダイビングをとても楽しんでいたわ! And, on the 27.Jan, FEFE & ELE gave the certification to each student in the party.そして27日のパーティーではフェフェ&エレから修了書を生徒の皆さんへ授与          

25 01, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

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In Pom Pom we have spent two evenings to celebrate the Chinese New Year . The main building was set-up with many red color lamps and wreaths and many Angpau all around wishing luck and prosperity. The first day a sumptuous buffet, obviously Chinese style, started our evening. Then our staff performed some local dances [...]

20 01, 2012

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We are ready to celebrate a coming chinese new year  ! Tonight, Many guest joined to our Pocho- Pocho dance ,they are from China, Japan, Italy  as we repeated it for two time ! It's an easy repeating steps for Pocho-Pocho, just remember one unit of steps, " right-right,let -left, back-back,front-back-front -back, then turn to [...]

14 01, 2012

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  A very friendly couple from Russia Mr.Vitalli & Mrs.Maria stayed with us for 18 nights. We are happy to celebrate the new year of 2012 with them, they enjoyed local dancing together with housekeeping Mosia's Dancers and Spa treatments with Agnes. Also they are lucky to witness turtle nesting and baby turtles during their stay. [...]

12 01, 2012

New Sand for Our Turtle Eggs!!

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On the 10th January 2012, conservation staff together with Dive Centre staff changing the turtle hatchery sand. The main purpose we change the hatchery sand is to make sure the coming turtle eggs that been transfer to our hatchery didn't get any bacteria infection from previous nests. Plus, we try to [...]

11 01, 2012

First Diving Experience with Ele

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  A friendly couple, Koichi san & Manaka san from Japan, they experienced their first diving with our dive instructor Ele ! They were lucky to see the turtles in the underwater during their diving. Discovery Sucuba Diving course ( DSD) is a first stage of diving experience programme which is very popular [...]

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