13 11, 2011

Employee of the month

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Yesterday afternoon a nice ceremony happened in Pom Pom: the best employee of the month. In October a guy from the F&B department has been chosen: Madzhar Bin Marin Many compliments to Madzhar from the whole Pom Pom management and his colleagues.

9 11, 2011

WWF & Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) visit Pom Pom!

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On 1st November, WWF-Malaysia, WWF-Indonesia & Sabah Wildlife Department visited Pom Pom Island resort for the Advisory and Monitoring Programme of Turtle Conservation in Pom Pom Island. This Turtle Advisory Group and Monitoring Programme visit is one of the strategies identified for turtle conservation in the northeast islands including Pom Pom Island. This field visit [...]

8 11, 2011

Hari Raya

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Yesterday was Hari Raya, Qurban Celebration,  our waiters  make us a surprise and came to work with traditional dress specially made for that occasion. Guests were very impressed and took many pictures with them. In the photo below you can see how well dressed they are.

7 11, 2011

A repeater couple Kazu san & Tomoko san

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Welcome back, Kazu san & Tomoko san!!! This is Kazu and Tomoko's 3rd time visiting and also spent their wedding anniversary every year at Pom Pom. They enjoyed diving with Rayner, especially spa treatments by Agnes ! カズさん、トモコさん、ポンポン島へお帰りなさい!!!おふたりは3度目のリピート、毎年結婚記念日をポンポン島で過ごされているのよ。今回はライネルとのダイビング、特にアグネスのスパトリートメントを満喫されました。 They are the one of  very friendly and famous Japanese repeaters for us as all staff  remember them [...]

6 11, 2011

New 3G antenna

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The construction of the new 3G antenna has started. A small inconvenience but in about a month we will have a new telephone system and overall a faster internet connection. Hopefully the works don’t make too much noise, so you can continue to relax as usual. The antenna's position is in the central part of [...]

24 10, 2011

Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) with Ele & Fefe

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Discover Scuba Diving or also known as DSD is a first experience underwater guided by the instructor. This DSD was credit toward PADI Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver. In Pom Pom Island Resort, we have two friendly Dive Instructors that will guide the DSD activities. Eleonora (Ele) is one of the famous Dive Instructor [...]

23 10, 2011

Recognition as 1 part of the CTI-RBF!!

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On the 10-11th Oct 2011, Pom Pom Island Resort attends the Coral Triangle Initiative Regional Business Forum (CTI-RBF) in Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. CTI Regional Business Forum consist of 6 country; Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea. Among this, Pom Pom Island Resort been recognized as the part of CTI-RBF. On [...]

16 10, 2011

Honeymooners from Hong Kong

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Mr.Kenneth & Mrs.Venus, a honeymoon couple visited Pom Pom from Hong Kong. They were recommended to spend their honeymoon in Pom Pom Island by Ms.Mabel Lau who visited in 2010. Spa Manager Agnes offered honeymoon treatment packages. Kenneth & Venus were welcomed with beautiful flower decorations in the treatment room ! 香港からのハネムーンカップル、ケニスさんとヴィーナスさんがポンポン島にご滞在。おふたりは昨年ポンポン島を訪れた友人メイベルさんのお薦めでハネムーンをポンポンで過ごしたのよ。 スパ・マネージャーのアグネスはおふたりにハネムーナートリートメントパッケージを施術。ハネムーナーのふたりのためにトリートメントルームもきれいなお花のデコレーションでお迎えしたのよ。     They also enjoyed snorkeling trip to Mantabuan [...]

11 10, 2011

Ms.Yi Lun from Taiwan

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Ms.Yi Lun from Taiwan enjoyed her 1 week holidays with us. We found a big turtle swimming besides jetty at her arrival, it looks like the turtle welcoming her, also  she was lucky to see the baby turtles,too.  Yi Lun took an Open Water Course with our Instructor Eleonora, she is happy to discover the new world of underwater. 台湾からのイールンさんは1週間の休暇をポンポン島で過ごしたのよ。リゾート到着時は桟橋付近を泳ぐ大きな海亀を発見。まるでイールンさんへウェルカムのご挨拶をしているようだったわね。それに、ラッキーなことにリゾートで保護している海亀の巣からうまれた赤ちゃん海亀も見れたのよ。また、リゾートではインストラクターのエレオノラからオープンウォーターのダイビングライセンスも取得!水中世界という新しい体験と世界が広がって彼女もとってもうれしそうだったわ! [...]

10 10, 2011

Happy Birthday,Mr.Chafik

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We celebrated Mr.Chafik Birthday tonight, he was surprised with our secret celebration with cake and song ! 今夜はフランスからのシャフィックさんのお誕生日。内緒でケーキを用意して歌をうたってお祝いしたのよ。この内緒で用意したお祝いにシャフィックさんもビックリしてよろこんでいたわ!

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